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Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at FESA, we place a real emphasis on the interactions we have with both our growers and the communities they come from, throughout all of our activities around the globe.


Our social and environmental systems are designed to promote the planning and execution of operations that implement best practise standards including:


Conservation of Eco systems.

Wildlife protection.

Water resources.

Fair treatment and good working conditions for operatives.

Enforcement of minimum pay regulations.

Non discrimination / Use of child labour.

Health & Safety at work.

Community Relations.

Integrated Crop Management.

Soil Management and Conservation.

Integrated Waste Handling.


Looking specifically at activities as far a field as Brazil, through Agricola Famosa we have invested in people, technology and facilities to ensure that these best practices are met.


Drone technology, which provides both greater precision, accuracy and efficiency.

Well drilling equipment, used to drill over 340 wells in two years.

Aqua 4D System, to improve the water usage in irrigation processes.

Fertiliser injection systems, reducing irrigation and fertigation time.


Additionally we have also invested in the latest natural/biological solutions:


Mass rearing and production techniques.

Pollination - bee rearing.

Collecting, treating and processing recyclable vegetable waste.

Renewable energy sources.


As FESA we strive to ensure that wherever we are growing and sourcing product we leave a legacy of both improvement and sustainability.